Ways to Help

Gift-A-Patient Program

Together, let’s make a difference

90%* of Canadians touched by cancer report financial difficulties. Cancer not only affects the individual, it impacts an entire family.


Cancer treatment takes a toll on the body, both physically and emotionally, but can also significantly impact the patient’s financial health.


More and more cancer patients are facing huge financial burden which often results in a decline in overall household income which leads to debt, distress and a prolonged or lifelong social assistance. These expenses can add up to tens of thousands of dollars.


That’s why your donation to the Gift-A-Patient Program is very important. With your generosity will help leukemia and/or blood disorder patients and their families pay for everyday comforts we take for granted, costly drugs, and other important needs.


The Gift-A-Patient program will provide urgently needed financial assistance to qualified patients with leukemia and other blood disorders.


Together, let’s make a difference.


It takes cash to care.




* cancer.org