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Featured Artist – Mckenzie Small

Mckenzie Small - Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Mckenzie Small is a singer/songwriter & actress from Mississauga. At 18 years of age she has received success in all areas of her artistry. After being signed to record label Cardinal Point, her first single, “Caught Feelings” was released in 2016 reached over 1.6 million views on YouTube, followed by her debut EP ‘Half of Me’ that can be listened to on iTunes/Spotify/Google Play & Tidal.


Mckenzie is also known for her lead role on Disney & Family Channel’s TV show ‘Backstage’ as Scarlett. Every day Mckenzie is looking to grow as an artist & actress by sharing her passion for music and film with the world. Additionally, this talented artist has published articles in the Globe and is an Ontario Honours student who will pursue medicine with an academic scholarship at University of Toronto.