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About DonorDrive4Dorothy

DonorDrive4Dorothy.org is a Canadian non-profit organization that seeks to educate, raise awareness and increase the potential black donor pool in Canada’s OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network.


Stem cell transplantation offers hope of a cure or longer survival in patients suffering from blood related diseases such as: leukemia, aplastic anemia and inherited immune system and metabolic disorders.


DonorDrive4Dorothy appeals to healthy, black young men and women within the 17 to 35 age range to become stem cell donors and join the Canadian donor registry.


Established in January 2014, out of a desperate need to find a compatible unrelated donor for Dorothy Vernon-Brown, a Jamaican Canadian, who in the summer of 2013 was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and whose chance of long term survival depended on a stem cell transplantation. Today, Dorothy is the successful recipient of a stem cell transplant and is on her way to full recovery and perfect health.


DonorDrive4Dorothy continues to be committed and passionate about giving hope and a second chance to the other Dorothy’s in the African Canadian community and by extension all other patients of African descent anywhere in the world.